Myo is growing with new locations

Welcome to Myo

Myo workspaces are thoughtfully designed private offices with access to sophisticated shared spaces and enriching events.

Professionally managed by an on-site concierge team and backed by Landsec expertise, Myo makes your working life as seamless and productive as possible.

In 2023, Landsec is launching three new locations, followed by Myo Piccadilly in 2024 and Myo Kings Cross in 2025.

Myo New Street Square

A short stroll from Chancery Lane and Farringdon station, Myo New Street Square will occupy an entire six-floor building, with extensive meetings and events space.

Full of carefully considered planting, green roofs and terraces, the building will bring the outside, inside.

The area itself is packed with hidden gems and pockets of Fleet Street history, while the inviting New Street Square plays host to regular pop-up events.

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Myo Bankside

Myo Bankside is spread over all nine floors of the Phosphor building at The Forge.

Landsec’s first net-zero development, it includes a top-floor lounge, multiple terraces and a peaceful public courtyard.

Here, you’re just three minutes from the Thames and a short walk from London Bridge station.

Immersed in the ebb and flow of bustling Bankside, you’ll share a neighbourhood with creatives, galleries and quirky backstreets full of independent shops and eateries, including Borough Yards.

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Myo St Paul’s

Over three floors of One New Change, Myo St Paul’s will sit within this striking mixed-use development featuring one of the City’s premier shopping destinations.

Close to Bank and the river in the historic financial heart of the city, Myo St Paul’s will also have access to an impressive rooftop terrace offering bars, events and stirring views of the famous cathedral.

Powered by 100% renewable energy, this is the stand-out workspace of its area.

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And more to come…

Housed in the first two floors of LucentW1, Myo Piccadilly is a stylish sanctuary behind London’s most famous illuminated sign.

This is the epicentre of the West End, close to the famous pubs and boutiques of Soho, as well as the unique buzz of Piccadilly.

Inside, the warm colours, soft curves and eye-catching art creates a luxurious club feel.

Myo Kings Cross will arrive in 2025, with more information to follow…


Myo New Street Square: 45,000 sq. ft. over 6 floors, with roof terrace,
opening Q4 2023

Myo Bankside: 48,000 sq. ft. over 9 floors, with roof terrace,
opening Q4 2023

Myo St Paul’s:  46,000 sq. ft. over three floors, with our largest event space,
opening Q4 2023

Myo Piccadilly: 23,000 sq. ft. over two floors, in an iconic location,
proposed Q1 2024

Myo Kings Cross: 80,000 sq. ft. over five floors, with a separate meetings and events venue, to arrive in 2025

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