Three templates, endless variations

Beyond furniture

Customising your office is about so much more than colours and textures. It’s about creating a space that embodies your brand, enables your staff to have their best day at work, and supports everybody’s well-being with thoughtful touches.

Our expert partners will help you do exactly that, advising on everything from layouts to plants, all managed through one single point of contact for your ease. And when you’re ready, our Move Maker team will be on hand to move you in. Simplifying the entire process.

Make your space your own

We have three office styles to choose from. Every workstation includes a 1300mm x 650mm desk, an under-desk storage pedestal, a high-quality desk chair and desk-top power supplies. The desk size allows for more individual workspace, as we understand the importance of personal space for a productive working environment.

And every module has a broad selection of add-on options, from task lighting, desk dividers and storage units to high benches, soft breakout furniture and open or enclosed meeting rooms. So you can really make your mark on the space.


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