We believe in your blank canvas.

Something new

There’s been an explosion in flexible office services in the past few years. But too many of them seem to serve themselves, not their customers. Identikit spaces, identikit cultures, identikit terms. All of which puts a cap on your team culture and how much your business can grow. Suddenly your ‘flexible’ office doesn’t seem so flexible. That’s why we created Myo. To support businesses with seamless customer service, flexible leasing terms and simple pricing – helping you to grow and make your mark.

Variety of desks available to use for work or meetings in your Myo office

Backed by the best

We’re owned by Landsec, one of the world’s leading commercial property development and investment companies. Their overall understanding of office design, the property market, and the future of the workplace informs everything that we do. And because Landsec owns the building Myo occupies, we take care of every detail from the moment you walk in the door, offering our members reassurance and consistency. If you do outgrow your Myo office, we can deliver options for your next move – within Myo or Landsec, we’ll be on hand to help you take the next step up.

There are various meeting spaces available in the shared space at Myo

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