Meeting rooms and event spaces

Whether you’re hosting a one to one interview or a large presentation, a variety of high-performance, flexible meeting and event spaces provide a slick and impressive experience for your team and clients.

You can download a brochure here or book the rooms directly, below.

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Capacity: 4
Location: Victoria Street
Price: £45 per hour

A small, boutique meeting space for up to four people, Lindley provides the ideal solution for informal meetings or interviews, with a comfortable sofa, armchairs and side table.

Complemented, of course, by plenty of natural light, video conferencing and a 43″ screen.

The Hub

Capacity: 5
Location: Liverpool Street
Price: £60 per hour

Maximise the effectiveness of your meeting with a 55″ screen, video conferencing and large magnetic whiteboard.

Although you’ll want to stay even longer when you’re working in such a cosy, delightfully decorated space – especially with that special view.

Assembly 1

Capacity: 6
Location: Liverpool Street
Price: £65 per hour

Nestled on the corner of the eighth floor, this bright meeting room sits six comfortably around a large circular table.

Homely details such as the impeccable furnishing, frosted glass and acoustic-absorbing panels make this an ideal small meeting venue.

Assembly 2

Capacity: 8
Location: Liverpool Street
Price: £75 per hour

55″ screen, eight seats, video conferencing, in-desk power and charging ports, and you’re good to go.

Privacy doors, panelled walls and floor-to-ceiling windows complete the space, giving you all you need for a successful meeting.

Assembly 3

Capacity: 8
Location: Liverpool Street
Price: £75 per hour

Fully immerse your team with the massive 85″ screen and use the innovative magnetic whiteboard to present new and prepared ideas.

Pens and magnets are provided, of course, and you can control every aspect of the environment to enhance the atmosphere.


Capacity: 8
Location: Victoria Street
Price: £70 per hour

Everything you need for a profitable meeting experience for up to eight people is here.

Comfortable seating, 65″ screen with video conferencing, in-desk power, biophilia, natural light and, of course, our concierge-style service.

The Lounge Room

Capacity: 10
Location: Liverpool Street
Price: £80 per hour

Impressive bifold doors separate your ten-person meeting from the communal spaces until you are ready to break out – either to continue the discussion or join a larger event.

All the technology is there too: video-conferencing, in-desk power and charging, 65″ screen and magnetic whiteboards


Capacity: 10
Location: Victoria Street
Price: £80 per hour

Poised overlooking Victoria Street, yet completely serene inside, Nelson has superb views, blurring the sense of space to create a crucible of creativity for any style of meeting.

A large circular table is overlooked by a 65″ screen, enabling the guests to focus on one another, or spread out to engage remote attendees via video conferencing.


Capacity: 10
Location: Victoria Street
Price: £80 per hour

Located in the heart of the communal space, privacy comes from the impressive, soundproof bi-fold doors, while technology provides a window to the outside world with the camera-enabled 85″ screen.

The rectangular table in Fox seats ten people, with options to change layouts and link with the neighbouring Lane meeting room.


Capacity: 12
Location: Victoria Street
Price: £90 per hour

Featuring a mobile 65″ screen and video conferencing, this generous meeting room comfortably seats 12 people, with floor-to-ceiling windows flooding the space with natural light.

Flexibility comes from alternative seating layouts and connectivity to the adjacent Fox meeting room.

The Boardroom

Capacity: 14
Location: Liverpool Street
Price: £95 per hour

When you need somewhere special for the 14 most important people, this is the meeting room for you. Double-width magnetic whiteboard and an 85″ screen set the scene for innovation and creativity.

The stylish interior, independent temperature control and large window will help you curate the ideal environment.

Assembly 2 & 3

Capacity: 16
Location: Liverpool Street
Price: £105 per hour

Need to accommodate more? Simply bring together these two rooms to upgrade your meeting to 16 people.

Now you’ll benefit from an 85″ screen, magnetic whiteboard, two entrances and floor-to-ceiling windows.


Capacity: 22
Location: Victoria Street
Price: £175 per hour

Lane-Fox exploits the flexibility of Myo’s meeting rooms. If you’re looking for an even larger meeting space, we can bring these two rooms together to cater for 22 in a boardroom layout, or up 50 people theatre.

A mobile 65″ screen, and built-in 85″ screen, give you even more options to ensure maximum engagement for your meeting attendees.

The Assembly

Capacity: 28
Location: Liverpool Street
Price: £160 per hour

The most flexible meeting room in Liverpool Street, with the option to split into three separate spaces.

Fully opened up, there’s room for up to 28 people around the adjustable boardroom table, natural daylight flooding in from two sides, and a huge 85″ screen with video conferencing.