Myo Victoria Street

Looking for serviced offices in Victoria?

Look no further than Myo Victoria Street, a rentable office space where style meets service. Our Victoria Street offices allow members to enjoy an inspiring, yet calm, environment just a short walk from the major transport hub of Victoria Station.

What’s more, our customisable, high-specification offices are located on the second and third floors of this architecturally-striking building with access to adaptable social areas, relaxing quiet corners, and focused meeting spaces.

Offices in Victoria to make your own

When it comes to creating the perfect office for your business and employees, we offer expert guidance to help you achieve your design goals.

Our specialist design partners will work with you to create your perfect office to let in Victoria, advising on everything from layouts to lighting. Then they’ll bring the designs to life – and quickly. You’ll have a single point of contact throughout and when everything’s ready, our Move Maker team will help you settle in.

Myo’s office interiors are created by experts in office design
Office interiors designed for wellbeing

Office spaces designed for wellbeing

Myo’s serviced offices in Victoria Street are as visually striking as they are versatile. Large floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with natural light and offer stunning views across the City.

As well as creating bright and airy shared spaces, these windows can be found in every private office too. And, from the soft furnishings to the ambient music, every detail has been designed to enhance the cool, calm, contemporary atmosphere. Why? Because Myo understands the impact of workplace design on the wellbeing of those who work there.

State-of-the-art facilities

One of the best things about Myo’s offices to rent in Victoria is the first-class facilities. A feature staircase connects the centrally-located shared facilities, including flexible, fully equipped meeting rooms that encourage high rates of both relaxation and productivity during periods of collaborative work.

Because we don’t provide coworking desks, noise levels are always low and we’re able to offer large, dedicated breakout areas with a mix of soft seating, longer brainstorming tables, high benches, and private booths – none of which need to be booked.

Fully equipped meeting rooms at Myo offices in Victoria
Stylish office interiors at Myo

A style like no other

Thanks to our skilful team of designers, Myo’s offices in Victoria are sleek and sophisticated, enjoying an ambience on account of their eclectic mix of high-quality, contemporary furnishings.

Each piece has been carefully selected to bring a unique sense of style to every floor. For example, a rich blend of materials is enhanced by a beautiful and bountiful array of plants, a factor that we know enhances positive emotions in and around the workplace.

What are the benefits of our serviced offices in Victoria?

The environment created by Myo’s careful design and selection of tasteful extras is enough to elevate any workplace — and workforce too, for that matter.  Browse a list of benefits included in our Victoria offices to rent below: