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What Exactly Is A Flexible Office?

What Exactly Is A Flexible Office?

As the world and businesses rapidly evolve, there is even more need for flexibility in office products and services. And with so much choice on offer it can be difficult knowing what space is best for your business and team. So we’re here to help explain what flexible office space is and how it could benefit your business.

Put simply, a flexible office offers private office space, with managed services, leased on a flexible contract - a lease agreement where you pay in shorter bursts, for a shorter amount of time compared to most traditional office leases.

The core benefits of a flexible office are:

  1. Flexibility
    Flexible contracts of between 1-5 years so you don’t feel stuck

  2. Simplicity
    Flexible offices are set up and serviced for you, allowing you to move in almost immediately. And because most of the day-to-day aspects of running a business are taken care of, it leaves you to focus on what’s important

  3. Personalisation
    Even though flexible offices are designed to allow you to move in as quickly as possible, some providers also allow you to personalise your space to reflect your team and company culture.
So, let’s get into the details of why this type of office space, particularly with Myo, might be what you’re looking for.

The adaptability of a flexible office

As your business evolves, it’s great to have a space that can adjust according to your needs. Traditional leases can’t usually accommodate the needs of businesses through all the stages of development. During a particularly busy period, some companies may need additional office space, but don’t want to commit to a long-term lease. Other businesses may need to leave their current space while they look for more suitable long-term space. Start-ups may want to step up from a co-working space. In a lot of cases like these, a flexible office can be an ideal solution for your company's needs.

Flexible office spaces, like Myo have 1-5 year leases, meaning you don’t feel stuck. Myo will give your business the space to grow – you can sub-let space giving you the flexibility to grow into the space and because all our office buildings are owned by Landsec we’ll help you find alternative office space if you outgrow Myo.

Other features include 24/7 entry to the building, for those early morning risers or late-night thinkers. Depending on the type of business you have, there are event spaces to host launches or celebrations. Quiet zones, break-out areas, meeting rooms that flex depending on what you need, private phone booths and spaces to relax are also included.

The simplicity of a flexible office

Sometimes finding a new space can be a headache with complicated paperwork, financial confusion and misleading clauses. Myo offers easy, clear pricing and jargon-free, simple lease agreements, leaving you to focus on your business.

It can be equally hectic and rewarding running a company without worrying about all the extra bits and bobs that need doing day to day. Another reason why a flexible office can be a great alternative to a traditional office. Our dedicated team will support your every need, whether that’s our hospitality-style concierge services, IT or housekeeping.

Myo’s Move Makers team can help with your big move and have you up and running swiftly. You’ll arrive with things like chairs and tables already set up and the wifi sorted by the IT team.

Personalisation in a flexible office

When you walk through the door in the morning, you want your office to feel like your own. With Myo’s private offices, you can personalise the space to reflect your brand, ways of working and culture.

As well as putting your own stamp on your private office, your brand will appear throughout Myo and you can even personalise meeting rooms with one-touch branding. There is a choice of furniture, accessories and planting; and if you’d like additional items to be built into your office space, such as meeting rooms or executive offices we can do that too.

There’s still that friendly office feel when guests enter the building, as front of house are there to greet and sign in your clients. We like to think your visitors will be impressed by the space too – with design-led shared spaces, complimentary sustainably-sourced teas and coffees, plenty of natural light and extensive planting throughout.

Partnership in a flexible office

We put you front and centre, using our insights to anticipate your needs, giving you the support to get the best out of your working day. Our in-house workplace design manager will help plan your office space, advising on layouts and furniture so that you have the optimum working environment.

Looking for a flexible office space in London?

Then perhaps Myo is for you. Myo is all about making work better. More efficient. More inspiring.

We provide design-led, private offices designed to meet your individual needs. Think simple leases, exceptional levels of service and the kind of hi-spec facilities that will set the stage for business success, whether your business is well-established or up and coming.

Find out more about our London locations, download a brochure, and if you have any questions – get in touch.

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